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Credit cards can be used anywhere, in any currency, and the entry simply appears on a bank statement on one”s return.
Family income supplement recipients who declared that they had capital worth more than £2,000 were asked to provide evidence by sending in bank statements or account books, and so on.
It is not just a question of bringing up your bank statement on a screen, or even doing the shopping without leaving the room.
One has only to look at one”s bank statement and compare it with one ten years ago to see how startling is the change.
I have in my hand an envelope that contained a simple, ordinary bank statement which was sent to my constituent by his bank.
Most people would welcome such a figure at the bottom of their bank statement, but in national terms it is tiny.
His wallet had apparently contained a bank statement and other documents which could have helped to identify him.
The amendment might even make it an offence for a bank to charge a customer for sending him his own bank statement.
Would that include, for example, a bank statement which is produced electronically and printed out on to paper?
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to accept that you will reduce your demands or change your opinion in order to reach an agreement with someone

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